Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Shopping

For some people, shopping for the holidays can be a fun, rewarding, and enjoyable experience. For others, it can be a financial headache.

If you're wondering how can I save money on my holiday shopping? Look no further.

Here’s how to cut back and still enjoy the holidays.

#5 - Get paid for shopping at all your favorite stores

Did you know you can receive cashback on most of your online purchases? It's simple.

First, set up an account on Rakuten.

Rakuten helps save you money by using a simple business model: stores like Target and Walmart pay Rakuten a commission for sending members to shop at their websites. Rakuten then splits that commission with you, in the form of Cash Back.

P.S. If you share their website with friends, you can both earn $20! You can also install their web browser extension for faster shopping.

#4 - Promo Codes and Price Drops

Honey is a browser extension that compares prices from different retailers including Amazon. The website can notify you when prices drop for an item you add to your list. Honey can also find promo codes for you and automatically apply them on your behalf automatically when you’re checking out on a retailer’s website.

#3 - Price Match Guaranteed

If you're shopping in person, make sure to check prices online for whatever you're looking to buy. Most retailers have price-match guarantees so if your item costs less online, they'll match the price for you. Capital One Shopping is a website extension that compares prices from other sellers when you shop on Amazon. The extension notifies you if a product you are looking at is cheaper somewhere else.

#2 - Start Shopping Earlier

Try to shop as early as you can. If you shop last minute, you'll end up making very expensive decisions like having to pay for express shipping so that your items arrive on time. Last-minute holiday shopping also means you may miss out on existing deals since you'll be left with the items/price that is currently available.

#1 - Set a Budget

You probably have a lot of people to shop for. You may start overspending if you don't set limits for yourself. With our brand new success tool: Budget, you can now set a budget for just about anything... including your holiday shopping.

Track all your purchases and know exactly how much you're allowed to spend daily.

To start, download Chromabill and experience the future of personal finance.

Happy Holidays,

Chromabill Team