Product Changes: Chromabill Version 2.2 & Outlook for 2021

We are so excited to share with you some exciting news.

After a long delay, Apple has finally approved our latest build: Chromabill Version 2.2

Starting today, you will now be able to swipe right from the Home page to unlock our latest success tool: Budget. Update to Chromabill Version 2.2

New Success Tool: Budget

  • Input all your income sources

  • Track all of your daily transactions

  • Understand your Daily Spend Limit

  • Stay under budget each period and save money

New Blog Post:

Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Shopping

For some people, shopping for the holidays can be a fun, rewarding, and enjoyable experience.

For others, it can be a financial headache. If you're wondering how can I save money on my holiday shopping? Look no further.


New Promotion: Entre & Refer a Friend

This year, we've partnered up with Entre

to offer an exclusive membership discount for their users.

Entre is a supportive community that helps entrepreneurs and founders with building their passion projects and early-stage companies.


Next year, we want to pay your bills.

Yep, you read that right. Our new referral program will allow you to refer your friends to Chromabill and earn amazing rewards along the way. Keep referring friends and we'll return the favor by paying off one of your bills.

Coming to Chromabill in 2021:


iOS 14 Widgets

  • I know you've all asked for it so here's a sneak peek at the widgets we have coming out in 2021.

Accounts Page

  • A central place for all your accounts from your checking, saving, investing accounts, and more. In 2021, we'll enable you to easily connect to your bank and safely import all your accounts.

Explore Page

Financial education is a huge priority for our team. Our mission is to help our users become financially stable and in order to do so, we must make the process as enjoyable as possible.

Our Explore page will allow users to personalize their journey to building a strong financial foundation.


From the whole team at Chromabill, Happy Holidays


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