6 tips for working remotely during COVID

How to stay focused while working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

1. Stay Hydrated 💦

Before starting your shift, make sure you have enough water to stay hydrated. Drinking water helps your muscles and joints work better, keeps your body cool, promotes cardiovascular health, and keeps your alert!

2. Make some space 👽

It’s hard to share the same space for both your living and working environment. Make sure to place your home office in an area that you can disconnect from at the end of your day. This will help your psyche disconnect from work so that you don’t have a looming sense of needing to jump back into work mode.

3. Get some sun ☀️

When possible, try to get outside and get some sun! Getting some fresh air will also be beneficial. You can stretch your legs and even go for a mini walk. It’s not healthy to constantly be sitting all the time. Getting some sun will trigger your body’s production of Vitamin D. Here are some amazing benefits you’ll get from soaking in the sun: improves brain function, helps muscles, boosts immunity, reduces cancer risk, improves your mood, and your sleep!

4. Put on some tunes 🎧

While you’re working, put on some of your favorite tunes. Research shows that listening to music increases productivity. You can be the DJ of your own work environment. Just make sure to turn those tunes off during Zoom meetings! You can even put on some tunes that will help with your focus and concentration such as low-fi tunes.

5. Communicate Clearly 🎧

During work, make sure that you’re being very clear with your word choices when you’re conversing with your coworkers or managers. Being able to communicate via messages/emails/phone calls is not the same as in-person, since there’s that lack of body language. If you’re not being clear, this can lead to misinterpretation.

Speak/write more than you usually would.

6. Create an eating plan 🍔

You know your work schedule better than anyone else. That’s why you need to plan ahead of time when it comes to your eating schedule. Make sure you take the time to plan and prepare meals before your shift so you know exactly when to take a break for food. You’re busy at work so your body will need fuel to keep the momentum going.

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📷 Source: Roberto Nickson