Update 2.9

Happy November!

2021 is coming to a close and before we end the year, we wanted to make some much needed improvements in performance for Chromabill.

We've done some major code cleanup to make sure the app works without any pesky bugs! Keep your eyes open... our next update, 3.0 will introduce brand new features.

Here's a few changes we have made:

✨ Updated UI for Trial Page for New Members

✨ Created a Typography manager to manage all the fonts at single place

✨ Created Color Palette manager to manage all the colors at single place

✨ Set up unit testing for testing core functionality Stay warm, Chromabill

Update 2.8

Welp, that didn't work.
We tried to fix that upcoming bills problem in the latest build but were unsuccessful. But we don't give up - EVER! We took another stab at it and resolved the issue.

Here are some changes we made:

✨ Current date bills that are due will show up in "Upcoming Bills"

✨ Added a "Blog" section in Settings. Check it out, we post some great content on there to help you understand your money better.

✨ Removed the launch animation for users who are signed in to improve app load times.

Update 2.7

Hope you're having a beautiful day. We've made some changes we thought you may enjoy:

✨Moved Notifications page to the Settings so you can easily manage your bill notifications

✨Fixed a bug that wouldn't show current day bills on the Home Page: "Upcoming Bills" (Thanks Benjamin G!)

✨ The currency symbol will now match the native country you are in.

✨ Reduced the large gap in the Settings page between "Log Out" and "Privacy Policy"

✨ Updated text on Waitlist tabs to show "Coming to Chromabill this Fall"

✨ Privacy Policy / Terms of Use were opening a broken 404 page. FIXED!

Lastly, since multi-currency is now supported based on your native country, we're making Chromabill available in more places around the world like United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and many more!

Stay humble,
Chromabill Team

Update 2.6

- It's finally here!

Welcome to the brand new face of Chromabill.

We have completely overhauled our user interface design and rebranded to improve your experience.

Here are a few changes we set up:
✨ Rebranded colors throughout the app

✨ Added a bottom toolbar for quick access

✨Clearly labeled categories in Home View and Tracker View

✨ Ability to add a profile picture to customize your Home Page

✨ Added Current Date in Home View

✨ Added a quick glance Calendar View for upcoming bills

✨ Updated the Settings page for easier navigation

✨ Performance Improvements

✨ Added Confetti Effect for marking bills Paid

✨ Setup a waitlist for Bank Connection & Transaction Monitoring

✨ Updated Font Family throughout the app

We hope you enjoy this update as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Stay beautiful,
Chromabill Team