Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate a healthier financial future for the younger generation.

Why are we unique?

Indie developers

We're a small team of two working on Chromabill. We appreciate every single feedback we get and we give an extra level of attention to all our users.

coming to the world

Although Chromabill is available only in the U.S. and Canada right now, we plan to expand worldwide.

we search for problems

Chromabill started from a personal pain point and every time we launch something new, we focus on how it will solve problems for our users.

Community focused

At Chromabill, we care deeply about helping our users achieve financial independence. We want to show everyone how money can work for them.

Our story

Let’s face it. We don’t learn about money in school. Students enter the real world feeling more confused than ever.

They’re unsure how to buy their first house, how to manage their credit cards, or how to pay off their debts.

Growing up, I didn't learn about money management in school nor talked about it. This caused me to make every financial mistake I could ever make. I maxed out credit cards, took out unnecessary student loans, and damaged my credit score.

This could have been easily prevented if I had a strong financial literacy. The journey to learning about personal finances is disjointed. There are too many resources on the topic and none of them are personalized to your needs/budget. ​

We aim to provide our users everything they need to understand their money better. ​People need a home to learn about money that doesn't feel boring or educational. ​

We want to be that 🏡 for them. ​

Tony Conte
Founder, Chromabill


Chromabill is a constantly evolving application. When we first started, we had only just started to piece together the product. If it wasn't for the support of our early users, we wouldn't be where we are today.



Development for Chromabill officially begins.



Alpha Testing for Chromabill begins.


hello, beta.

Beta Testing for Chromabill begins.


Official Launch

Chromabill Public Release


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